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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Birth: July 7, 1957, Meknes, Morocco

2048 Book David Passig
2048 by David Passig - 2011

David Passig is an Israeli futurist. He specializes in social and educational futures as well as technological futures. He is an associate professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

He heads the Information and Communication Technologies Master Program and the Virtual Reality Laboratory at the Education School. In 2011, he published his first book, "2048" and announced the name David Passig in the world.

If this book was a science fiction piece set in an alternative universe, I would have found it readable. But it is not. The author is trying to predict the future with the mentality of the past. I bought this book by looking at first 20-30 pages of the book. I thought it would continue like this later on, but after a certain point, what would happen in a world where it was constructed very successfully by itself; it sets out who will fight with whom and which countries will become what. In this age where you can send missiles to the other end of the world with a button, the importance of "geography" is not much. Beyond realism, the book is based on the conspiracy theorys compiled by the author. Although I don't find it logical in general, the parts of the population that are processing the future may be partially correct because they are all based on long-term graphics covering the world. Fertility rate, life expectancy, birth, death, annual growth graphics etc. As well as the books written about 2000, 2050 will be same, Incorrect. Because our world is going through changes unprecedented in history, and these changes are not predictable. More than 50 years ago in Turkey when taking communicate distress, now we are suffering by to much communication. Maybe it was foreseeable that the problems would be resolved, but who would have predicted that we would be badly affected by too much communication?

I saw also the fate of many countries in the Middle East is due to Turkey's fate and compassion. /David Passig

2048 David Passig Quotes
“Experience is the name that people give to their mistakes.”

Fear is the most important urge in the world. /David Passig
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