Top 20 Motivational Quotes by Dan Brown on Success

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Birth: June 22, 1964, Exeter, New Hampshire, USA

Daniel Gerhard Brown, son of a mathematics professor father who won the Presidential Award of America and a mother of professional religious music teacher, grew up in two paradox philosophies such as science and religion.

After graduating from Amherst college and Phillips Exeter Academy, he taught English in these institutions for a while and then he devoted his time to writing novels. Decryption and his curiosity for secret government agencies often led him to write thriller novels on these topics. His wife, an art historian and painter, also helps in his research.

We know him from worldwide known books such as Deception Point, Inferno, The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Origin, Digital Fortress and The Lost Symbol.

I think one reason my books have found mainstream success is that they're written from a skeptical point of view./Dan Brown
“Science and religion are not at odds. Science is simply too young to understand.” /Dan Brown
Writing is a solitary existence. Making a movie is controlled chaos - thousands of moving parts and people. Every decision is a compromise. If you're writing and you don't like how your character looks or talks, you just fix it. But in a movie, if there's something you don't like, that's tough./Dan Brown
“When a question has no correct answer, there is only one honest response. The gray area between yes and no. Silence.” /Dan Brown
“Transhumanism is the ethics and science of using things like biological and genetic engineering to transform our bodies and make us a more powerful species./Dan Brown
“Remember death. Even for those who wield great power, life is brief. There is only one way to triumph over death, and that is by making our lives masterpieces. We must seize every opportunity to show kindness and to love fully.” /Dan Brown
My interest in secret societies is the product of many experiences, some I can discuss, others I cannot./Dan Brown
I have written a lot about the fine arts, but I'd never written about the literary arts, and so on some level Dante really, you know, spoke to me, as new ground but also familiar ground./Dan Brown
I love the gray area between right and wrong./Dan Brown

I've learned that universal acceptance and appreciation is just an unrealistic goal./Dan Brown
I learned early on not to listen to either critique - the people who love you or the people who don't like you./Dan Brown
There is a statistic I heard a number of years ago: if you know somebody who is 85 years old, that person was born into a world that had a third as many people as the world does today. The population has tripled in the past 85 years./Dan Brown
I often will write a scene from three different points of view to find out which has the most tension and which way I'm able to conceal the information I'm trying to conceal. And that is, at the end of the day, what writing suspense is all about./Dan Brown
I'm not going to lie; the most fun of writing these books is just saying, 'Where am I going to write about? Let me go there!'/Dan Brown
I feel like if I'm going to take time reading, I better be learning./Dan Brown
The challenge for a writer looking at history is to figure out what is history and what is myth. After all, what you are looking at is an interpretation of history, and so at some level, it becomes an interpretation of an interpretation./Dan Brown
I love to learn, and at some level, there's something to learn from my books. And I love art and philosophy, so there's something philosophical about my fiction./Dan Brown
I personally believe that our planet would be absolutely fine without religion, and I also feel we are evolving in that direction./Dan Brown
Our need for that exterior god that sits up there and judges us... will diminish and eventually disappear./Dan Brown

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