Story of My Brother by Zülfü Livaneli

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

The novel has been written on the collapse of the Soviet Union, the drama of people, loneliness, indifference of the new generation to books and human emotions.

I can say that I found it more successful than the book named "Huzursuzluk (Inquietude)"

The end was interesting, but I could not establish a link between the beginning and the end of the book. In other words, if I write without spoilers, it may be that the murder committed at the beginning of the book and the identity of the murderer we eventually learned were not given any proper clue in the flow of the book, the motivations related to the murder were not explained in depth.

Besides these The Court Order part was kind of unreal, because any judge in Turkey can't(don't) write a text like that just for an ordinary murder situation.

The book has a fluent language, but the emotions could be explained in more detail.

“Everyone knows that the body will rot and everyone afraid of it, but most people's soul rot before their bodys; for some reason, nobody is afraid of it. /Zülfü Livaneli

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