Serenade für Nadja by Zülfü Livaneli

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Serenade is my third Zülfü Livaneli book and I can say, Serenade is the best of him.

Its a serenade of nowadays struggles with the internet and young single mums doing their best, its a serenade of love and life, its a serenade of pain and a serenade of hope at the same time. Its a serenade of death, and a serenade of loss.

Also I heard for the first time about Struma Ship Tragedy thanks to Serenade. I am not writing things about this tragedy now because it could be kind of spoiler if you didn't heard about before like me.

But I have to say that the worse thing about that is those responsible for this incident did not stand behind their crimes.

You can even read this book just to learn about Struma Ship because the book is almost intertwined with this tragedy.

“I decided to tell what happened to them. Because only people whose stories were told continued to exist ” /Zülfü Livaneli
“When does a girl's growth end? When she first menstruated, when she was 18 years old, when she got married, or the first white thought in her hair? I think it is none. A girl doesn't grow up, never feels grown no matter how old she is. She gives her last breath as a girl full of desires and excitement. But it experiences change. Life constantly changes that girl, and these changes have only one actor: a man. ” /Zülfü Livaneli
“The story of each person would concern us as much as our own events. As long as you grasp it in your own reality. ” /Zülfü Livaneli

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