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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Birth: June 22, 1964, Exeter, New Hampshire, USA

Origin by Dan Brown - 2017

Daniel Gerhard Brown (Dan Brown), son of a mathematics professor father who won the Presidential Award of America and a mother of professional religious music teacher, grew up in two paradox philosophies such as science and religion.

After graduating from Amherst college and Phillips Exeter Academy, he taught English in these institutions for a while and then he devoted his time to writing novels. Decryption and his curiosity for secret government agencies often led him to write thriller novels on these topics. His wife, an art historian and painter, also helps in his research.

We know him from worldwide known books such as Deception Point, Inferno, The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Origin, Digital Fortress and The Lost Symbol.

The main topic of this book is “Where do we come from? Where are we going?” as you can understand from the title "Origin".

One of the main characters "Edmond Kirsch" who is a scientist and a business man is trying to find the answer of this never known question and the story continues on that research.

Origin is an engrossing novel like all books by Dan Brown, but for me this book has the most important focus point. In this book that point is religions so origin is kind of a book about religion.

As you know Dan Brown is an atheist and when you read a book of him, you can understand his opinion about religions. And in this book he makes you ask questions about God concept. This is the reason of my recommend here.

“Sometimes, all you have to do is shift your perspective to see someone else’s truth.” /Dan Brown, Origin
“For the human brain,” Edmond explained, “any answer is better than no answer. We feel enormous discomfort when faced with ‘insufficient data,’ and so our brains invent the data—offering us, at the very least, the illusion of order—creating myriad philosophies, mythologies, and religions to reassure us that there is indeed an order and structure to the unseen world.” /Dan Brown, Origin
“To permit ignorance is to empower it.” /Dan Brown, Origin
“And history has proven repeatedly that lunatics will rise to power again and again on tidal waves of aggressive nationalism and intolerance, even in places where it seems utterly incomprehensible.” /Dan Brown, Origin
“Remember death. Even for those who wield great power, life is brief. There is only one way to triumph over death, and that is by making our lives masterpieces. We must seize every opportunity to show kindness and to love fully.” /Dan Brown, Origin
“Love is a private thing. The world does not need to know.”

“May our philosophies keep pace with our technologies. May our compassion keep pace with our powers. And may love, not fear, be the engine of change.” /Dan Brown, Origin
“Well, science and religion are not competitors, they’re two different languages trying to tell the same story. There’s room in this world for both.” /Dan Brown, Origin
“Love is from another realm. We cannot manufacture it on demand. Nor can we subdue it when it appears. Love is not our choice to make.” /Dan Brown, Origin
“My friends, I am not saying I know for a fact that there is no God. All I am saying is that if there is a divine force behind the universe, it is laughing hysterically at the religions we’ve created in an attempt to define it.” /Dan Brown, Origin
“Historically, the most dangerous men on earth were men of God…especially when their gods became threatened.” /Dan Brown, Origin

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