Madonna In a Fur Coat by Sabahattin Ali

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Normally I bought this book only for school literature exam. But after reading I started to be interested in Sabahattin Ali.

Story is kind of short,but it was more meaningful and fascinating than I was expecting.

A beautifully written, introspective, whirlwind, evocative romance. However definitely not for those who like their books plot driven. It's very personal and internal, but still an excellent book.

“Everyone had an idea as to how to save Germany. However, none of these proposals had anything to do with Germany. Rather, they were tied to personal interests.” /Sabahattin Ali
“Ever since boyhood, I’d feared wasting any happiness that came my way; I’d always wanted to save some of it for later. This had caused me to miss many opportunities.” /Sabahattin Ali
“The pain of losing something precious - be it happiness or material wealth – can be forgotten over time. But our missed opportunities never leave us, and every time they come back to haunt us, we ache. Or perhaps what haunts us is that nagging thought that things might have turned out differently. Because without that thought, we would put it down to fate and accept it.” /Sabahattin Ali
“It is, perhaps, easier to dismiss a man whose face gives no indication of an inner life. And what a pity that is: a dash of curiosity is all it takes to stumble upon treasures we never expected.” /Sabahattin Ali

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