Book Review | Geschichte eines Untergangs by Stefan Zweig

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Birth: November 28, 1881, Austria

Death: February 22, 1942, Brazil

Geschichte eines Untergangs by Stefan Zweig
Geschichte eines Untergangs by Stefan Zweig - 1912

Stefan Zweig was born in 1881 in Vienna, Austria. In addition to being a novelist; was also a playwright, journalist and biography writer. His recognition in the world of literature provided with stories like The Burning Secret, Chess, Fear, Amok, Confusion...

I would like to share with you today; Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman by Stefan Zweig.

Story of a woman who had great power in French history, who has been exiled for what she has done. Madame de Prie is the woman we are talking about. Till reading that her story is historically real, Zweig makes you think that it is another imaginational character, but instead Madame de Prie was a person who actually exists. She had a great life in French court. But in this short story Zweig is only focusing how she felt and behaved after the exile. Hoping (desperately) that she will come back to the Paris, you will get into the mind of a dangerous and jealous woman who love to play with men like kids playing with toy, and get attention to herself all the time and what will that bring her into. Instead of accepting her own crime, she focuses on proving herself, tragically drifting towards collapse -as you can see from the name of the story- and we read the woman's journey of collapse from her own perspective.... The Story was only 48 pages (turkish edition) but it was able to leave the effect that most thick books could not. I am not too surprised because the writer was Stefan Zweig, and almost every book of him impresses me.

Geschichte eines Untergangs Quotes
"She could be lively only in the midst of life; in isolation she dwindled to a shadow.”

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