Book Review | Deception Point by Dan Brown

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Birth: June 22, 1964, Exeter, New Hampshire, USA

Deception Point by Dan Brown
Deception Point by Dan Brown - 2001

Daniel Gerhard Brown (Dan Brown), son of a mathematics professor father who won the Presidential Award of America and a mother of professional religious music teacher, grew up in two paradox philosophies such as science and religion.

After graduating from Amherst college and Phillips Exeter Academy, he taught English in these institutions for a while and then he devoted his time to writing novels. Decryption and his curiosity for secret government agencies often led him to write thriller novels on these topics. His wife, an art historian and painter, also helps in his research.

We know him from worldwide known books such as Deception Point, Inferno, The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Origin, Digital Fortress and The Lost Symbol.

I really enjoyed it. The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat and this is easily the best Dan Brown novel I’ve read since "Origin". Rachel was a great protagonist that really kept everything flowing at a breakneck pace. The novel never seemed to slow down which made its 200+ pages fly by. The relationship between Rachel and Michael did feel kinda forced and out of nowhere, but the characters had an ok amount of chemistry that helped move the plot along. It’s a nice political thriller with some real dangers and interesting dialogue. Gabrielle using her intelligence to manipulate Washington stalwarts that will do anything to gain money and power was a sight to behold. I’d recommend it, but it probably won’t be the kind of novel that changes your life or gives you something to think about long after it’s reached its conclusion. Despite all this, I would like to say with regret that, If you've read one book by Dan Brown you've read them all. I thought maybe the problem was Robert Langdon, but it had nothing to do with it. Dan Brown writes well, but the only thing that changes in his novels is space, time and characters. As of now, I have read 6 of his novels, and only the "Lost Symbol" remains. I'm not sure if I can read it ...

“Sooner or later we've all got to let go of our past.” /Dan Brown, Deception Point
“In my mind, the men and women of NASA are history's modern pioneers. They attempt the impossible, accept failure, and then back to the drawing board while the rest of us stand back and criticize.” /Dan Brown, Deception Point
“Life is filled with difficult decisions, and winners are those who make them.” /Dan Brown, Deception Point
“Proof, she knew, was a conclusion built on a pyramid of facts, a broad base of accepted information on which more specific assertions were made. Remove all the base assumptions. Start again.” /Dan Brown, Deception Point

Dan Brown Deception Point Quotes
“The media is the right arm of anarchy.”

“When in doubt, just spit it out. That all challenges can be overcome by speaking the truth, no matter how itcomes out.” /Dan Brown, Deception Point
“Anyone who said power was not addictive had never really experienced it.” /Dan Brown, Deception Point
“When multiple explanations exist, the simplest is usually correct.” /Dan Brown,