24 Inspirational Sarah Cooper Quotes on Success

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Birth: 1977, Jamaica

Sarah Cooper is an American speaker, comedian and writer based in New York. She has also written two worldwide best-selling books:

In June 2020, Sarah Cooper signed with William Morris Endeavor and is currently adapting her comedic efforts for film and television.

She is also working on her next book title, a humorous semi-autobiographical take on Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

“Scale the heights of your career and break that glass ceiling, but do it very quietly and gingerly, and be sure to make a man think he did it for you.” /Sarah Cooper
“Part of the reason that I left was I wanted to say whatever I wanted.” /Sarah Cooper
“You may be bipolar, suffer from depression, or anxiety, or any number of other mental health issues. Your company absolutely supports you focusing on these issues and getting the help you need as long as it never comes up at work and you get all of your work done on time.” /Sarah Cooper

“All of my ideas usually come when I’m doing something else, taking the dogs for a walk or doing the dishes. So start observing yourself and start observing other people and collecting those ideas and those stories.” /Sarah Cooper
“I tried Jenny’s number again after school but there was still no answer.” /Sarah Cooper
“You should be locked up forever.’ Geoff picked up my small plastic bags and pushed past Jim, leaving him standing there with his mouth open.” /Sarah Cooper

I started doing lip-syncing and then Trump is on television every day… and he’s just kind of BSing his way through the presidency. I’m looking at him and getting so frustrated because people are just nodding and pretending like what he’s saying is making sense./Sarah Cooper
“When we are not judging each other, we can just be present in the moment and build a better connection. I’ve always loved humor. It breaks the tension in every situation.” /Sarah Cooper
“As a woman in the business world, I kept seeing other women make the same mistakes over and over again. Telling their coworkers they wanted to be promoted. Asking their managers for more money. Bringing visibility to their work, leading meetings, talking in meetings, looking around in meetings, and breathing in meetings. Seeing this, I knew my calling was to write a book that would stop the frustration of making an effort. I learned many of these tips while I was working in the male-dominated world of tech.” /Sarah Cooper