24 Important Lawrence O'Donnell Quotes on Politics

Birth: November 7, 1951, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Short Biography

Lawrence Francis O'Donnell Jr. is an American television anchor, actor, author, political commentator, and host of The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, an MSNBC opinion and news program that airs on weeknights.

He was a producer and writer for the NBC series The West Wing and creator/executive producer of the NBC series Mister Sterling. He also appeared as a recurring character on the HBO series, Big Love.

Lawrence O'Donnell began his political career as an aide to U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and was Staff Director for the Senate Finance Committee. He describes himself as a "practical European socialist".

He is also the author of two bestsellers, such as "Deadly Force: A Police Shooting and My Family's Search for the Truth" and "Playing with Fire: The 1968 Election and the Transformation of American Politics".

Quotes by Lawrence O'Donnell

“Eugene McCarthy was the last American presidential candidate who thought flattering an audience’s intelligence was the way to win their hearts and their votes.” /Lawrence O'Donnell
I think most Republicans would rather win this election than have transformation./Lawrence O'Donnell
You have two people who I would classify as extremists. Donald Trump because of his behavior and Ted Cruz because of his views, leading the Republican Party./Lawrence O'Donnell

We're going to raise the estate tax for wealthy, very wealthy people./Lawrence O'Donnell
The Democrats - Democrats on board, the Congress said tax policy.But their tax policy was pretty bad, that added $800 billion to the deficit./Lawrence O'Donnell
Donald Trump has been getting favorable comments from white supremacists, from American Nazis. And any explanation of Donald Trump's rise that does not include those facts is a false analysis./Lawrence O'Donnell

The Democrats - Democrats on board, the Congress said tax policy.But their tax policy was pretty bad, that added $800 billion to the deficit./Lawrence O'Donnell
“The war has made the Great Society a myth, King said, and replaced it with a troubled and confused society... How can the administration, with quivering anger, denounce the violence of ghetto Negroes when it has given an example of violence in Asia that shocks the world?... I have been working too long against segregation in public accommodations to end up segregating my moral concerns.” /Lawrence O'Donnell
“In order for nonviolence to work,” Stokely Carmichael said in 1967, “your opponent must have a conscience. The United States has none.” /Lawrence O'Donnell
“John Lindsay was the last liberal standing at the Republican convention of 1968. He was literally the last liberal to stand at a Republican convention podium. When John Lindsay finished speaking that night, liberalism in the Republican Party died.” /Lawrence O'Donnell
“Nixon’s second inauguration drew a hundred thousand protesters to Washington. The next inauguration protest was in 2017, when Donald Trump’s inauguration was followed by at least half a million protesters in Washington and millions more in all fifty states and around the world.” /Lawrence O'Donnell
“Most politicians are more frustrated by the way their own party disappoints them than the way the other party opposes them. They expect opposition from the opposing party. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Dealing with that opposition is a full-time job, and they expect to have the support of their own party in that eternal struggle. But when their own party turns against them, disagrees with them, or just goes off in another direction, they feel unsupported by their party and sometimes betrayed.” /Lawrence O'Donnell

The rise of Donald Trump is explained not so much by the hatred of Muslims, but rather the hatred of just one Muslim. The one who is not a Muslim./Lawrence O'Donnell
My pick for Best Political Move of the Year, which is the decisive (ph) and this means it is actually the best political movement is Bill Clinton getting on the phone and encouraging Donald Trump to run for the president./Lawrence O'Donnell
I agree that we have to have the toughest screening and vetting that we can have, but I don`t think a halt is necessary. What we have to do is put all of our resources through the Department of Homeland Security, through the State Department, through our intelligence agencies, and we have to have an increased vetting and screening./Lawrence O'Donnell

We recognize how important this kind of question is to viewers of the show. It is very, very, very important to us. But it is a secondary issue and we are not past the primary issue yet./Lawrence O'Donnell
But it cuts both ways. Ross Perot was the spoiler, and you didn't hear anyone complaining about that./Lawrence O'Donnell
The [Donald] Trump plan would increase the national debt a little over a $1 trillion a year, the Trump plan would reduce taxes at all income levels with, of course, the biggest tax cuts going to the richest taxpayers as they always do./Lawrence O'Donnell

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