20 Illuminating Quotes by Robert Bernard Reich on Success

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Birth: June 24, 1946, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Robert Bernard Reich is an American economist, professor, writer and political commentator. He served in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. He was the Secretary of Labor between 1993-1997. He was on the economic transition advisory board of President Barack Obama.

We know him from numerous books such as The Work of Nations, Reason, Saving Capitalism, Supercapitalism, Aftershock: The Next Economy and America's Future, and a best-selling e-book, Beyond Outrage.

I would like to share with you today; 20 Illuminating Quotes by Robert Bernard Reich on Success.

Public fear isn't something to be played with./Robert Reich
“Your most precious possession is not your financial assets. Your most precious possession is the people you have working there, and what they carry around in their heads, and their ability to work together.” /Robert Reich
Government subsidies to elite private universities take the form of tax deductions for people who make charitable contributions to them./Robert Reich
“When I was a kid, the bigger boys would pick on me. So I got an idea that I would make alliances with older boys, like just one or two, who would be my protectors.” /Robert Reich
America spends a fortune on drugs: more per person than any other nation on earth, even though Americans are no healthier than the citizens of other advanced nations. /Robert Reich
“When corporations get special handouts from the government, subsidies and tax breaks, it costs you.” /Robert Reich
“A leader is someone who steps back from the entire system and tries to build a more collaborative, more innovative system that will work over the long term.” /Robert Reich
Media outlets that are exploiting Ebola because they want a sensational story and politicians using it to their own ends ought to be ashamed./Robert Reich
“A lot of attention has been going to social values – abortion, gay rights, other divisive issues – but economic values are equally important.” /Robert Reich

True patriotism isn't cheap. It's about taking on a fair share of the burden of keeping America going./Robert Reich
“Any bank that is too big to fail is too big. Period.” /Robert Reich
We do not want to live in a theocracy. We should maintain that barrier and government has no business telling someone what they ought to believe or how they should conduct their private lives./Robert Reich
“Being critical of the nation is a far cry from being unpatriotic or anti-American. In fact, most social criticism... is based on a love of America’s ideals and a concern we’re not living up to them.” /Robert Reich
Drug company payments to doctors are a small part of a much larger strategy by Big Pharma to clean our pockets./Robert Reich
America is one of few advanced nations that allow direct advertising of prescription drugs./Robert Reich
“Cynicism is the last refuge of those who don’t want to do the work of creating a better society.” /Robert Reich
In the 1980s, corporate raiders began mounting unfriendly takeovers of companies that could deliver higher returns to their shareholders - if they abandoned their other stakeholders./Robert Reich
Political scientists after World War II hypothesized that even though the voices of individual Americans counted for little, most people belonged to a variety of interest groups and membership organizations - clubs, associations, political parties, unions - to which politicians were responsive./Robert Reich
“I think the big problem is you have a vicious cycle of wealth and power in America that`s just gotten completely out of control and you`ve seen it in politics.” /Robert Reich

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