18 Inspirational Jean-Christophe Grange Quotes on Life

Date of Birth: July 15, 1961, Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Short Jean-Christophe Grangé Biography

Jean-Christophe Grangé, French writer, journalist and screenwriter, was born on 15 July 1961 in France. After receiving his education at University of Paris, he worked as a freelance journalist in news agencies. He also wrote short stories while working as a journalist.

He gained a considerable reputation after writing interviews and articles for Paris Match Magazine and Figaro Magazine. In 1994, he published his first work titled Flight of the Storks. Due to the interest of this book, Grange has approved the 8-episode TV series offered by the production companies.

Jean-Christophe Grange has earned the appreciation of the reader with his sharp writing language and striking expressions. In 2000, he brought his second book, Blood Red Rivers, to the reader. Grange's novel, which made its name known to the world, is named as the best thriller written after The Silence of the Lambs. This book was a huge success, selling 450,000 in France alone.

The book, translated into 20 languages, raised the bar in contemporary French literature and attracted the attention of director Mathieu Kossovitz, and the book was also adapted for cinema and achieved a good box office success.

Quotes by Jean-Christophe Grangé

“It's sad but it's true how society says her life is already over. There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say...” Jean-Christophe
“He was wrong. He was always wrong. He was an eternal traveler. There was no last stop for him to go. He had reached his original identity, but that goal was nothing more than a stage. Soon he would lose his memory again. He would try to overcome his new personality, but realize he was not who he claimed to be. So he would start his search again, always hoping to find the true "me". But that "me" didn't exist. He had lost him forever." Jean-Christophe
“Love is a chemical fire. Everything good burns. Only the hardest, most painful, unburned things remain. These are anger, pain, sadness and fear... " Jean-Christophe
“I was overwhelmed by the smells. Slow, heavy odours, tenaciously biting, forming a strange mixture of excessive life and death, of birth and decay.” Jean-Christophe
“Karim leaned against the wall, dizzy. Then he looked at his watch. He had killed two hours. But those hours had killed him in return.” Jean-Christophe
“I did not then know that the world is often plainer than people imagine and that the truth, no matter how banal, is always alive and glowing.” Jean-Christophe
“Crime is a career, whether you are a practitioner or an investigator, and it requires intuition and patience.” Jean-Christophe
“It smelt as if those fields had been given over to excessive productivity, which would wear out the earth’s heart.” Jean-Christophe
“She looked ageless, with an appearance of intense hardness and ever-present violence.” Jean-Christophe
“I did not then know that the world is often plainer than people imagine and that the truth, no matter how banal, is always alive and glowing. Jean-Christophe
“Women in my life. These lines were always in the back of his mind. It was as if they even summed up the reason for the hunt. It was a special and eternal drama based on sneaking a beautiful face on a train, in a crowd, on a street, but it was also an intolerable enthusiasm that drew women towards it. This was the admiration at the first encounter. And a real spark. Jean-Christophe
“The characteristic of autism is to completely deny the outside world. The Greek autos mean "itself, spontaneous". Whereas, whether we admit it or not, murder is the recognition of someone else's existence. Also, an autistic person is not equipped to commit such murders. Contrary to popular belief about "autistic geniuses," most have significant mental retardation. Jean-Christophe
“I felt her in my hands, drunk, disheveled, determined, and I guessed a kind of effort on her face not to disappear, not to fade into the night.” Jean-Christophe
“Deep down, what I liked was this secret, this pain. And shame. This kind of... degradation. Like when we drink, you see? We savor each sip and at the same time, we know that we are destroying ourselves, falling a little lower with each drink.” Jean-Christophe
“When the subject dies, Satan offers his deal. Life saves against total submission. The promise to do evil. This 'transaction' is called the Limbo Oath.” Jean-Christophe

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