17 Famous Prof. David Passig Quotes

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Birth: July 7, 1957, Meknes, Morocco

David Passig is an Israeli futurist. He specializes in social and educational futures as well as technological futures. He is an associate professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

He heads the Information and Communication Technologies Master Program and the Virtual Reality Laboratory at the Education School. In 2011, he published his first book, "2048" and announced the name David Passig in the world.

“What is it that pushes mankind into bloody struggles to sacrifice the most important thing for him, his life and the lives of his children?” /David Passig
“What happens in the end is hidden in the original thought. Let us be as idealistic, peaceful and humane as we want; the truth brings us to ourselves, even if there is only one particle in it./David Passig
“What man has done takes him to a conclusion. Sometimes the outcome of what we do is not known in advance, but the purpose of our movement is based on some assumptions and information./David Passig
“Pessimist sees difficulty at every opportunity. Optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty./David Passig
“The person who invented the first wheel was stupid. The other third inventor was genius./David Passig
“If Galileo said that the world was spinning like a poem, maybe the inquisition would have left him alone./David Passig

“Rational thought takes the person from point A to point B. Imagination takes you everywhere./David Passig
“In 2020 Turkey will take important steps towards becoming a superpower./David Passig
“Israel's geography requires humility and to respect their attitude toward Turkey./David Passig
“However, as seen in the Çanakkale War, the British did not have the resources to surpass the power of the Ottoman fleet./David Passig
“From a geographical point of view, Israel emerged when political zionism, which took advantage of the time gap between the Ottoman Empire and the British Empire, established the third Israeli state in the region./David Passig

“History does not repeat itself, but it follows the same logic. Therefore, when the logic of the history of a region is understood, its future can also be estimated with a good probability ratio./David Passig
“Although Israel is the ultimate enemy of the Palestinians, its current enemies are other Arab countries./David Passig
“If we have learned anything from history so far, this is the knowledge that the boundaries between groups of people are not fixed./David Passig
“Without the enormous amount of oil reserves discovered here in 1938, this kingdom would never have attracted the attention of the world's geopolitical strategists. However, this discovery changed Saudi Arabia's international position, economy, social and demographic structure./David Passig
“When fear grows for any reason, and people feel threatened by other people's impulses, they either close in or resort to violence./David Passig

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