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Hi! I am Melih Süha Dal

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The sole founder, manager, author and owner of the "Useful Addiction" website you are currently on and also a high school student in Istanbul/Turkey.


And if we come to the question why I opened this blog: People who do not have the habit of reading books are a mass that is considerably bigger than the whole world and unfortunately I was included in this audience about 3 years ago. 

Reading books seemed unnecessary to me and I even saw it as a waste of time. Like every ordinary person, I spent my time with going to school, watching TV shows and playing video games. I did not know how to live and spend my time if these bad habits were not in my life.

In the summer of 2017, I read a the book "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg on the advice of my brother -By the way, my brother is an active reader and he was aware that I was deprived of this habit.-  and I realised a power that I didn't before: 


Books are experienced stories and storage of informations. You can learn and live those things again and again, this is a power that you don't able to do in real life. After that day I replaced my habit of watching series with reading books and I've been reading ever since.


Now I have the habit of reading books and I can not sleep without feeling that I have learned something from books during the day, without reaching literary saturation because I have this habit and it makes me uncomfortable, not to do what is necessary.

I know the world of literature more or less, and I am well informed about which books I should read, but the ones who do not have this habit or are new to the world of books are not. I decided to be a guide for the people who want to gain reading habit and the active readers by creating a professional interface, namely a mediator. And the mediator between us and the readers is the "Useful Addiction" website where you are currently reading this article.

Welcome to Self Improvement...